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Poe In Afghanistan - 2012

Poe in Afghanistan – 2012

This blog site has been created to catalog my experiences writing my first historical fiction novel: Toll of the Liberty Bell. A story about a young man growing up between 1768 and 1775 in suburban Boston, his translation of the world around him and the inevitable choices he and his family had to face.

All of the links, posts, comments and menu items you find here are posted by myself and followers of this web blog. Please feel free to browse, comment and be a participant as we explore the writing of this book together!

I am not seeking monetary gain from the creation of this book. In fact, I am not entirely sure yet that my writing is not entirely in gibberish. I fully wish to write about a subject of which I am passionate about as I have been since childhood. Growing up in “Revolutionary” Massachusetts has always been a part of my soul.

By researching and writing, I seek to further educate myself and maybe pass on what I have learned to my friends, family and society as a whole. I value any and all comments, encouragement and critique. As I mentioned, it is my first time so any insights you may have are invaluable to me whether about writing style, historical interests and insights you may have, proper grammar… You name it, I want it! Please do click around and let me know what you are thinking… Even questions you may have about the period.

My intent is to explore an objective view of the mindsets on both sides of the American Revolution in a manner that is creative yet historically accurate.

Charles Gregory Knightley will encounter many historical figures from both sides of the conflict and find good and bad in both. In the end, he will have a choice to make and it is not as simple a task as a modern patriot may believe it would have been.

I intend on posting open research and possibly some excerpts from the book here as a sounding board for the general public as well as many of the experts I am beginning to encounter. I am whole-heartidly interested in learning from both regarding the creative literacy and historical accuracy of my writing.

Thanks for going with me on this journey. I hope it inspires in-depth contemplation on the foundations of our country and perspective on where we are today.

If you have any personal insights or constructive comments, please do not hesitate to contact me directly via my contact page.

You can also visit my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/tollofthelibertybell

See you on the trail!

~ Christopher Poe


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