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Life Interruptions and Self Discipline

So its been on my mind that in order to write a book as an amateur, you have to find the right balance of accepting life interruptions that you do not want to miss and time management.  I have put … Continue reading

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I’m learning that writers block can come often but when I discuss writing the book with almost anybody, I am reinvigorated. Today, i stopped by a store in Framingham in a place that was once called Brackett’s Corner. I asked … Continue reading

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Mind Mapping

        Herring Framingham History Timeline I am exploring the Mind Mapping concept and really like it. I am a scatter-brain when it comes to ideas. I have so many thoughts and passion for historical fact that I … Continue reading

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Judge Edmund Goff Trowbridge

Historical Character – sat on the judicial Council during the Boston Massacre.   Judge Edmund Goff Trowbridge Born: 1709, Newton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts Died:Apr. 2, 1793, Massachusetts Judge appointed by Shirley as Attorney General in 1749 Quotes: President Adams, in … Continue reading

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