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So, as you may have noticed from multiple Facebook posts and Blog updates (By the way, for those of you have followed on my blog site as well as Facebook…Thanks!) I am testing the proverbial waters on exactly how to go about journaling my writing. I apologize if my posts were overwhelming…

It seems I have managed to:

A) Created a WordPress Blog site. Blogging is new to me but highly recommended by several smart folks. Gives me a place other than Facebook that I can customize and literally journal my progress. There, I can also interact with folks like you about the book or the history or my lack of grammar and maybe new folks who hit the site can chime in to. Comes with a snazzy statistics tools like how many folks have been to the site and from what countries. Believe it or not, Brazil, Australia, the UK, Germany, Canada and several other countries have already visited. I need to get busy! Thanks Ellie by the way! I think you were at least one of them from Germany!

On the blogsite, I can upload pictures, documents, images, videos, catalog posts and pages and a whole bunch of other stuff I haven’t figured out yet. Two cool features I played with earlier tonight were posting to the Blog via sending an email directly to it and believe it or not, I called into my blog via a private phone number. It recorded my voice and posted it directly on the site. Weird!

B) I created a GRAVATAR (yes, a gravatar seems to be the term these days. You know, the little picture next to your name on posts and emails?) There is a site called which allows you to link your email addresses to a profile. You can simply choose to create a new email address or use an old one. Any websites that use Avatars in which you registered with your email address to that site will then use your Gravatar. This way you don’t have to continue to create profiles… Example: I am using for my blog site. After creating a free Gravatar profile, my posts to my site come up with my image and profile. If I have need to use some other site in the future and register with my email, no need to create a new profile. I think.

and C) I created a linked Facebook page for Toll of the Liberty Bell to my blog. I can promise you that I am trying hard to learn how to keep my Christopher Poe Facebook and Toll of the Liberty Bell Facebook pages separate. As of this moment, anything I post on the Blog site will duplicate on the Toll of the Liberty Bell Facebook page and NOT on my personal page where I hope to keep up with friends and family as I always have done without flooding the book there.

All this has taken…. ummm… well… A long time. But, I suppose its the ropes for a novice like me.

Looking forward to putting this technology to work.

Thanks for keeping up with me!

~ Christopher

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