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j0309261So, in learning how to build a web presence, I am subscribed to the following sites. I have given JUST the list at the bottom of this page. They all appear to link together semi-harmoniously.

My main two sites include Facebook (Toll of the Liberty Bell) and (Main Blog site: My primary “HQ” or “goto spot” will always be Any posts, such as this one, automatically route to my other sites including Facebook and the others mentioned below.

Beyond those, I am subscribed to the following sites for the purposes of using “widgets.” Mini-programs that can be used on my blog and Facebook sites. &

Polldaddy allows me to create polls, surveys and quizzes that can post on my blog (and hence other connected sites) or on Facebook or both. 

Goodreads is basically a site which compiles books you have read, are reading or want to read. It connects easily with as well. An important site for an author when questions arise about what books I read. My goodreads widget is found on my main blog page.

For overlapping web presence, I am subscribed to the following: – Social Presence – Social Presence – Additional Blog site run by Google which reposts my blog from – Site which pools a web wide Avatar Profile for use in all locations on the web. (I.E. I don’t have to upload a new picture to both Facebook profile and gravatar finds where you are registered and sets you up. 

Lastly, other random sites I am subscribed to include: – Invaluable for Historic Research – Resource for Newspaper research for the last 3 centuries

Here is the compiled list: (I pay and paying for upgrades to the basic subscription are available but free blogs are available) (Free but advertisement to boost attendance is available) (Free but increased capabilities are available by paying) (Free) (Free) (Free but other job search options are available by paying) (Free) (Free but other services are available by paying) (I pay and have been for several years) (I pay and will continue. I think basic searches and limited viewing are available for free)

Adobe Acrobat ( (Pay for creating/combining PDF’s, forms, signing forms and mix-matching between .doc and .pdf)

I will try and update this post as I come across new connections or create new needed subscriptions. 

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