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Though I have not published many updates as of late, it does not mean that things are not progressing. I am learning that the accumulation of research requires steady organization. I’m working on finding the best methods for me. It is not easy and requires a discipline I have yet to learn. It seems that each time I learn something new, there is yet another interesting rabbit hole to fall into. (Not to mention that traveling back and forth to England teases so many other historical periods in my mind. This last time, I indulged my medieval passions and visited many other places NOT relevant to the 18th century including Bosworth Battlefield during their historical battle reenactment, Richard III’s recently built visitor center celebrating his 2012 discovery under a parking lot in Leicester, Rosslyn Chapel (Made famous by the Davinci Code though its own non-Hollywood existence is way more interesting), Sterling – Scotland, Dundee – Scotland… My wife and I do love a drive!

Also while in England, I spent many days refining ideas and concepts, pursuing more research and as I mentioned, I visited Framlingham. The village in England from which came Mr. Thomas Danforth in the early 1600’s to Massachusetts. The same man who founded Framingham, Massachusetts which is the town in which my book is set and where the family farm resides on former Danforth land. See my previous post with pictures of Framlingham, England by clicking here…

I also was able to visit High Wycombe, England. My protagonist’s family are from there. Historically, High Wycombe was a paper milling village as well as being renowned for their furniture. An industry I have connected my fictional Knightley Family to in Toll of the Liberty Bell.

Furniture Making in Wycombe – Link to the High Wycombe Council Website and Museum

Slowly but surely pressing ahead!

Thanks for pushing me to keep posting!

~ Chris



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