Returned from Australia and motivated!!!

minutemen-their-worldAfter 2+ weeks in Australia, I am returned refreshed and motivated anew… I have partly completed reading a book which is required reading for Park Rangers serving at the Concord-Lexington National Battlefield and Monument entitled: The Minutemen and Their World by Robert A. Gross.

My first takeaway is the appreciation for small town politics and genuine care and concern for the good of the community during the mid-late 18th century in small town Massachusetts. Through town hall research centered on Social History, Gross discusses how members of farming communities often set aside personal biases and went with the majority on town issues.

Gross says, “When [an ordinary citizen] joined in a town meeting, he would set the needs of the group before his own and strive to think as his neighbors thought.”

Wish our current legislature would learn from the past…

Looking forward to moving forward on some new material in the coming weeks…

Thanks for sticking with me!

~ Chris

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