Book on the Horizon

For those of you who have monitored my progress here, you will notice that there has been very little done in the way of getting Toll of the Liberty Bell completed in the past year.

As part of my journey in writing a book, I have found that life can often get in the way. In my “other life” I am a 26 year soldier who is still serving and I am also a Resilience Trainer who travels fairly extensively.

My wife and I also purchased a new home earlier this year and have pursued some heavy remodeling which we did ourselves.

I have 1000 other excuses but I am renewing my dedication to pursuing my goal. As a Resilience trainer, I love teaching one of our skills on Values Based Goal Setting. That skill has reminded me why I started writing this book in the first place.

Here is to putting more words to virtual paper in the coming months. Looking forward to pushing to an April Book Release!

Thanks for sticking with me!

Please comment and let me know you are still here…

~ Poe

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